What Happens after “Three”

So Marvel have said that after the current arc in Fantastic Four the series will change forever. It’s known that someone on the team will die, and my money is on Johnny!

Coming in March is apparently a new number one from Hickman and Epting and it looks like this will be the title that will replace the current Fantastic Four series.

So let the discussion commence! Who will die? How long will they be dead? and how will they come back?

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  1. Does ANYONE REALLY think that this will last? REALLY? This will change the team forever?

    Nope. Nope. Nope.

    It’s gotten to the point of insulting when the companies do this crap now. The creative team will change, and we’ll have ANOTHER big event bringing the character back.

    Yes, I understand the book is very good. But I’m very jaded/tired of these “CHANGED FOREVER” events.

    • You’re right, and don’t forget next year is the 50th anniversary of FF and also we get the 600th issue! who ever dies will probably be back in one of those issues!

      I do hope that Hickman will keep the character dead for a little longer though! but it’s unlikely!

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