What is the Greatest Sci-Fi Show Ever?

Over at IGN they have just published their 50th greatest Sci-Fi shows ever. The article goes through each entry with some good thoughts. The lists covers over 5 decades of TV and includes mainstream shows like Doctor Who and some one hit wonders like The Adventures of Briscoe County, Jr. to animated treasures like Transformers and also not forgetting anime treats like Cowboy Bebop.

The shows in the top ten are Star Trek, Twilight Zone, X-Files, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Lost, Doctor Who, The Outer Limit, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Prisoner.

To find out which show came first click here and see if you agree with their choices. I have to say that the winner is in my top 5 but just not to sure I would put it at number one but that is beauty of Sci-Fi, everyone has an opinion. And no it is not Buck Rogers…



Experts from IGN.com have crowned Battlestar Galactica the “Greatest Sci-fi TV Show” of all-time in a new poll for the leading games and entertainment website.

The show, based on the short-lived 1970s series of the same name, ran from 2004 to 2009 and told the story of a group of space travellers and their battles with a cybernetic race, known as Cylons, whose goal was the extermination of the human race.

Growing in popularity following its Blu-ray & DVD release, the show managed to beat recognised favourites Star Trek and Twilight Zone to the top spot, with the BBC’s resurgent Doctor Who in fourth place, as IGN’s experts from across the globe had their say on their ultimate sci-fi shows.

Other series making the top 10 include X-Files, Lost and cult classic Firefly – axed after just one season.  The full top 50 list is online now

1)       Battlestar Galactica
2)       Star Trek
3)       Twilight Zone
4)       Doctor Who
5)       X-Files
6)       Lost
7)       Star Trek: The Next Generation
8)       The Prisoner
9)       The Outer Limit
10)     Firefly

Chris Tilly, UK Entertainment Editor, IGN.com, said of the winner: “Taking a short-lived seventies series and reimagining it as a multi-layered dramatic saga took lots of sci-fi fans by surprise at the time, but Battlestar Galactica is now recognised as a modern day classic. It’s also fantastic to see Brit shows Doctor Who and The Prisoner holding their own against recognised US shows including Lost and The Outer Limits.”

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  1. Interesting Babylon 5 isn’t in the top 10, or the original start trek. I’d think those two would make it in the top 10. Also, is Lost really sci-fi, I always thought it was more drama or fantasy. Just a thought.

    The Geek Dome

    • montoc1701 /

      The Original Star Trek is in the top ten and is at number 2 which I think is about right. I agree about B5, that was a great show.

  2. I agree. Where is B5? It should be right after Fierfly which should be #1


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