What Would a Pulp Inspired Version of the Flash Look Like?

Something like this perhaps?

I’ve never really been that big a fan of the Flash (except in the Justice League cartoons) but given my love of all things pulp this is a Flash I would love to see get his own comic. (he’s not already got his own comic has he?).

Chris Brand, the man behind ‘The Flash Noir’, gives us a few more insights into the design.

So, I finally managed to finish this piece. Started working on it almost 2 years ago but didn’t have time to finish it back then.

This is my take on a 40s version of The Flash. Didn’t want to overdo it with very sci-fi gadgets, nano-fabrics or general high-tech neon-glowy-stuff. Wanted it to feel like a first trial run of the suit before it became the red/yellow spandex suit it is today.
Hope you like it! – Chris
I hope Chris doesn’t stop there and in another two years we get to see some more DC heroes given a pulp makeover.

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