Who is Element Woman?

Element Woman

DCU: The Source blog have posted the above character design image as part of their ‘Flashpoint Friday,’ which has been running for some months now. Designed by Jim Lee, it is uncertain the power set of this new character, but Jugdging by the name and look it seems she can control different elements, well done for stating the obvious there Tom, great Job. I think the costume is pretty cool, white and purple are a good combo, but don’t we have enough ‘saucy’ female characters already? Thats another matter entirely, but I thought I’d throw it out there.

The big question is however, how does she fit into Flashpoint? My theory is that she is created when elements come together, and judging by the electrical Flash-like arm, maybe Element Woman is the main outcome of Flashpoint… Who knows? Well, Jim Lee does… ask him.

I’d love to find out everyones theory on Element Woman’s creation and how she fits in with Flashpoint, so comment below or send us/me a tweet @GeekSyndicate and @Tom_1994 respectively.

GS Reporter: Tom

Source: DCU The Source Blog

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  1. Crimson Archer /

    Looks a lot like a female Metamorpho to me…

    • Sok /

      Yep. My first thought was, “Hey, didn’t Neil Gaiman already kill off Element Girl?”

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