Who is the New Iron Man?

Marvel have teased the new Iron Man and hinting that Tony Stark will no longer be the golden Avenger…

We have a new Ultimate Spider-Man and now a new Iron Man. I do like the new armour but will this just be a 2 year stint for a supporting character or a whole new hero?

SOURCE: Comic Book Movie
GS Reporter: Montoya

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  1. Rhodey, because: why not? It definitely looks like mostly his colors, a merging of Iron Man and War Machine.

    Honestly, I don’t know who it would be, because I think whoever would take over would have to be close to Tony Stark’s intellect and wealth, or maybe just closely related to him.

  2. Samuel /

    I’m calling Ezekiel Stane on this. If Norman Osbourne could be Ironman AND Captain America at the same time, of course the Zeke kid can take over Ironman any time he actually wants.

    • I actually gave that a thought for a second. I do think it has to be someone who knows how to make tech like the Iron Man suit.

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