Who’s doing a movie?

Is David Tennant up for playing Dr. Who in a big screen treatment of the BBC series? Although Tennant is close to taking his last spin in the Tardis, he may come back for the movie. Russel T. Davies and Steven Moffat are also interested in the big screen Who.

Source: The Telegraph

GS Reporter: Vichus Smith

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  1. As big of a Who fan as I am (and I’m pretty big in that regard) I’m wary of a 10th Doctor movie. I’d rather see something set in the Whoniverse in the vein of UNIT or Dalek Empire rather than a Who Movie. Or maybe a pilot for Jenny!

    As Steven Moffat said ad comic-con – the ideal media for Who is Telly. It would take a lot to make it work on the big screen.

  2. geeksyndicate /

    I think with the right script it could work. I’m with you though, I’d love to see a UNIT TV series.

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