Who’s who in Syfy’s Dark Matter?

Dark Matter follows the six-person crew of a derelict space ship. They wake up from stasis in the furthest reaches of the galaxy with no recollection of who they are – or how they got on board.

Their only clues are the contents of the cargo bay (weaponry) and their destination – a remote mining colony. Without their memories, they face a moral decision of whether or not to follow the path they appear to have been set on. With threats everywhere, these strangers have to work together to survive a voyage filled with vengeance, betrayal and hidden secrets.

Next month Syfy UK will be airing new sci-fi show Dark Matter. In preparation for the show’s launch the channel has released a video on their youtube channel which gives us a sneak peek behind the scenes while dishing the dirt on the main characters.

At the moment I’m still in that ‘hmmm’ state of mind about the show. It feels like the writers have torn out the best of shows like Stargate (which makes sense as they did write the thing), Farscape and Firefly and stitched them together to make a kind of sci-fi tapestry. This can be seen as both a good and bad thing. Good because they may are able to take well worn character tropes (the cocky han solo style character, the cooky mechanic, the solemn warrior,the android, the comic relief etc) and do something original with them. On the flips side if this goes wrong we get another Andromeda… *shudders* (apologies if you liked Andromeda).

I do like the idea that while none of the characters has a memory of who they were before waking up on the ship (which does look pretty slick) they all bring certain skills to the table from the outset. I’m hoping that as the show does go on more skills and abilities will be revealed to particular characters as they recover their memories.

I’ll be interested to hear other sci-fi fans views on this video and of the show itself. Also WHERE ARE MY LASERS!!! I WANT LASER DAMMIT!!! yes I am a big kids…there I’ve said it.

The show will be premiering on syfy uk on 15th June at 8pm…probably without lasers.

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  1. Joseph Mallozzi /

    All I can say is that it’s tough to come away with a good sense of the show based on an initial trailer (cut before we had any finished VFX. For a look at the finished VFX, check out the lengthier sneak peek making the rounds).

    Reminds me of one of my first Stargate episodes: Window of Opportunity. On the surface, someone who reads the synopsis will say: “Aw, they’re just doing Groundhog Day”. And yet, it all comes down to the execution. In the case of WoW – yes, very reminiscent of Groundhog Day but, in the end, one of the best loved episodes of the franchise.

    So, check it out when the show premieres June 12th at 10 p.m. I’m fairly confident you will NOT be disappointed.


    • Hey Joe, many thanks for stopping by to leave a comment, much appreciated!

      Interesting as I did not know about the other sneak peak and I will seek it out and stick on the site. Personally I’ve really been missing a good sci-fi space opera style show on telly so I’m certainly intrigued by Dark Matter. Also good pick of a stargate episode mate as I LOVED that one and yep you’re right it’s about how they spin it. I mean Firefly looked on paper to almost be a Han Solo series but it gave you that familiarity and then went into something was its own.

      We’re based in the uk so for us I think we get it a week later but looking forward to seeing what it’s like.

      Also we do a podcast mate so if you ever want to come on to talk about the show then let me know and we can set something up.


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