Will … iam Shat … ner Comics Incoming

WS Presents ... Sci Fi Comics

WS Presents ... Sci Fi Comics

Apologies for the aweful written impression. It seems Mr. S is breaking out once more into the world of print. A deal has been signed between the actor and author of the TekWar series of novels and Bluewater Productions, Inc.

From the press release:

Bluewater’s “William Shatner Presents” franchise will include Shatner’s The TekWar Chronicles, Quest for Tomorrow, Man O’ War, and an exclusive new title that Shatner will create specifically for the publisher.

I’ve not read any TekWar so can’t comment on the potential quality of these offerings. I guess we’ll have to boldly go(1) and find out when they are released.

(1) Sorry. Had to. No choice.

Source: Bluewater Productions, Inc.

GS Reporter:

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