Will Terry McGinnis join the Justice League?

Batman: Beyond #2 Cover

Terry McGinnis, the Batman of Neo-Gotham, has recently teamed up with the Justice League in the new on-going Batman: Beyond series written by Adam Beechen. And with issue two hitting stores and the ComiXology App today, the continuation of ‘Rough Justice’ poses the question ‘Will Terry McGinnis join the Justice league?’

Issue one put his mother and brother in danger, which led Terry to take on the Justice League to save his family. However, will The League be impressed with his moves and offer him a place on the team? How would this change the comic? My guess, not very much… How often do you see Superman bothered by other Heroes in his series? Well, not very… But this could open up new avenues for DC to make a series focusing on The Justice League of the future. That could be cool.

Why wouldn’t Terry want to fight alongside the League, a group of the worlds finest crime fighters? Well, you sort of get the impression that Terry likes to be alone, to stay in the shadows and definitely doesn’t want anyone else to know his secret identity. This may also pull his relationship with Bruce Wayne apart, as historically, Bruce has had trouble fitting in on a team. Finally, one of the biggest problems Terry faces is juggling his super life, fighting crime and normal life, with his family and girlfriend Dana. Joining the Justice League would only complicate matters and he would never have any time for himself.

I do think it would be a cool direction for Terry’s character to take, but I’m not sure wether it would be the best move as it doesn’t seem to make sense. However, I predict that he will end up joining the team, as DC will do anything to sell more comics per month (especially now that they have lowered the price to $2.99) and grow their reader base.

Anyhow… Take a look at the preview for Batman: Beyond #2 below and comment your thoughts, its always interesting to hear what you guys think.

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Sources: DC The Source, ComicVine and Batman: Beyond #1

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