Will ‘The Rocketeer’ Fly Again?


So Disney have got the idea that comic book heroes make good business sense when making a movie so they have been looking at their catalogue and lo and behold they found The Rocketeer just sitting there ready for a remake. I have to ask if this is a good idea.

The Rocketeer was and still is one of my favorite pulp movies and was a text book  case of making a great action adventure film like Raiders of the Lost Ark. Director Joe Johnston later went on to direct Jurassic Park 3 and also Captain America: The First Avenger.

My issue with the reboot route is that it does not need it. The film worked well then and still does now and the pre WW2 setting was just perfect and no matter what they do now it will just seem like a pointless remake. If they moved it to today then surely it will just be a Iron Man rip off.

I would prefer they do a sequel with the cast reprising their roles and maybe a handing over the torch to a younger hero and then carry on but keep it near the same time as Captain America showed it still can be done and done well. Now who directed Captain America…. Oh yes the same director who did The Rocketeer. Are you listening Disney??

Source: Vulture
GS Reporter: Montoya


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