Will We Finally Get X-Files 3?

For me there are a number of shows that I would take to a desert island and The X-Files was always on my list. I loved the show and the cast. I know some people got confused and bored by the end but I never gave up hope for the show ending with an all out alien invasion. The show always had excellent production values and the writing was top-notch. Now we get an update on a possible third movie.

There have always been rumours about a third movie to finish the story and the first X-Files film was a step in the right direction but the second just went wrong and the creators seem to agree on this. Producer Frank Spotniz talks to Collider about his hopes for a third movie.

Collider: Do you feel like you’ve closed the book now on The X-Files, or is there still another chapter to tell there? Do you still want to do a third movie?

FRANK SPOTNITZ: I absolutely do! I think everybody should write to 20th Century Fox. I’ve been saying for years now that I feel it’s a cultural crime that they have not finished the series. The second movie did not perform the way anybody wanted it to at the box office. I’m proud of that movie, but it makes sense to me that it didn’t. It was released at the height of summer, and it was a story-of-the-week. That’s not what the movie-going audience wanted. The movie-going audience wanted the aliens. That’s what they know The X-Files for. And that story is not done, and it should be finished. I don’t think it’s too late, but I think it’s gonna be, pretty soon. I’m still agitating with everyone I can grab to say, “Let’s make this movie while we still can!”

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Source: Collider
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  1. I agree. The movie did kinda suck for most part. I would say storyline and pacing being just the basics of directing an epic series to a close. To me, it seemed like a movie was made. It was hated by the test audience and those with the money. Huge chopping up of a script and the audience was left with a KFC bargain bucket of fatty flesh and no bones.

    Here’s my 2 cents worth for the next movie. I really hope it’ll be taken up by Spotniz. When the Xfiles started was about idealism vs. rationalism with sexual tension between the two leads.

    We kinda got over the sexual tension as with all the series it was a been there, but sadly, we’ve done that.

    What we need is closure on the ‘high end plans’ for occupation of the earth by the nasty and not the nice[r] aliens.

    I believe this is something which the series Falling Skies is trying to flesh out with the most recent episodes/

    If X files is to make a few points these are a few they ought to consider:

    1. Everyone has their price.

    2. Humanity needs to pay for its evolution from alien tech. If indeed that is true.

    3. That rationality doesn’t make things right by moral standing, only ethical standing. So Mulder needs to seriously persuade Skully.

    4. Perhaps people may change, Mulder’s dad.. gives up smoking and perhaps his evil ways LOL.

    5. That an alternate solution or solutions to humanity’s future is given to Mulder as none or exactly ‘the best of all possible worlds’. He is given a choice… the movie ends there. Maybe he buys a lifetime or two?

    Why? As power is persuasion no matter how good one believes one is… When the power or the reward is greater – corruption follows.

    Alternatively, he might say.. enough.. And the alternative now, starts with the occupation, but resistance from the likes of Mulder 😀

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