Win prizes at the SFX Weekender with Geek Syndicate

Fancy winning some prizes at the SFX Weekender then Geek Syndicate have just the ticket. This will be your chance to meet the team and have some fun at the same time.

In order to win a prize we want you to seek out all the Geek Syndicate team that are at the SFX Weekender. There will be 10 of us attending and you will need to get your photo taken with at least 7 of us to get a prize and there will be a grand prize for the person to get all 10 of us. Once you find us feel free to shout “Get your Geek on Ninjas!”

You will know us because we will be wearing a Geek Syndicate badge with our name on it. Not all of us are there every day so you will need to keep looking right up till Saturday night. My badge is below to give you an idea.

Once you have 7 of us then ask the seventh member of the GS team you found to arrange your prize. If you are the first to have all ten then you get the special prize.

You will be able to follow us on twitter @geeksyndicate using #seekthegeeks

In case you want a check list the names of the Geek Syndicate people attending are: Barry “The Nuge” Nugent, David ‘Monts’ Monteith, Montoya, Mattie, Matt, Dion, Amy, Phil, Clover and Antony.

Or just download this handy checklist which you can collect the signatures of the team if you do not have a camera. SEEK THE GEEKS

Big thanks to Angry Robot, SFX and Titan Books for the prizes.

So get ready to SEEK THE GEEKS!

NOTE: This competition is not open to Ninjas or Time Lords.

GS Reporter: Montoya

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