The Witcher returns to Gollancz

Fans of either the series of video games based upon the polish Andrzej Sapkowski or fans of darker fantasy worlds can rest easy in the knowledge that Gollancz have acquired the rights to three more of the popular book series.

The Witcher: sword of destinyThis year, coinciding with the release of the latest game, The Wild Hunt, the publisher will release The Sword of Destiny. Two more books will follow, one each in 2016 and 2017 titled The Swallow’s Tower and The Lady of the Lake respectively.

The books will be translated by David French who did a great job with his other translations of Sapkowski’s works.

I discovered the world of The Witcher through the video games and took the step of getting hold of translations of the first four books in the series. The books cleverly bring elements of the fairy story into a believable and gritty fantasy world. These new books, which complete the saga of Geralt of Rivia (the titular Witcher) are definitely on my to buy list.

Source: Press Release
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