Woman in Black 2 Plot Details Revealed

So with the film about to come out on DVD we get details of the sequel to the Daniel Radcliffe starring horror film from Hammer Studios.

The guys at JoBlo scored this info. Personally I would rather this stay as a single entry otherwise it just becomes another horror franchise.

Seized by the government and converted into a military mental hospital during World War II, the sudden arrival of disturbed soldiers to Eel Marsh Harsh has awoken its darkest inhabitant. Eve, a beautiful young nurse, is sent to the house to care for the patients but soon realizes she must save them from more than their own demons. Despite Eve’s efforts to stop her, one by one they fall victim to the Woman in Black.

Even the plot does not make sense because the woman in black goes after children, not soldiers.

Source: JoBlo

GS Reporter: Montoya

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