Wonder Woman Bishoujo Statue unveiled

DC are currently celebrating their 75th anniversary, they are launching a new line of statues from Japanese company Kotobukiya. this week saw the unavailing of the Wonder Woman statue.

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Celebrating this year’s 75th Anniversary of DC Comics, the DC Comics Bishoujo Collection (combining DC’s superheroines and villains with traditional Japanese stylings) continues with the prettiest member of DC’s “Trinity” WONDER WOMAN!  Since her comic book debut in 1941, Princess Diana has been an icon of female power, intelligence, and grace.  Arriving in “man’s world” from the Amazonian island home of Themyscira, Diana donned a red, white and blue costume to protect the world as Wonder Woman!  The timeless character appears for the first time in the Japanese bishoujo (pretty girl) style inspired by Japan’s renowned illustrator Shunya Yamashita.

Personally these things creep me out, but I’ve never been a fan of Japanese art. but if you’re into this sort of thing will you be willing to pay the $59.99 when it becomes available in May 2011.

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