Wonder Woman Coming to TV After All
22/01/2011 NEWS

So it looks like Wonder Woman is coming back to our television screens after all! Entertainment Weekly broke the news yesterday that while NBC was the last network to pass on the series, it was before new leadership was in place due to the Comcast takeover. With Robert Greenblatt taking over as chairman of primetime programming, the show has life once more!

One factor that seemed to have sunk the Wonder Woman project the first time around was the price of rebooting the series, with the studio requiring a rich license fee to bring the iconic character back to life. But then, NBC has been down this road before: It rebooted Bionic Woman. Kelley’s take incorporated the superhero’s signature lasso, cuffs, and plane in the script, and insiders said it was a serious, non-campy take on the DC Comics character.

We know various writers and producers (including Joss Whedon) took cracks at the script but unable to bring the Amazon to life. But now that the pilot is a go, who do you think should be cast in the role? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Entertainment Weekly
GS Reporter: Sharlene

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  1. When will they stop toying with us like this? This better be good. I hope that “serious and non-campy” doesn’t mean “female version of Smallville.” Fingers crossed!

    • They love to play with our geeky hearts. I hope it does turn out to be a great series – even if they start off with the “Smallville” premise (which wasn’t a bad one, just badly executed IMO), it’ll hopefully grow into an engaging show.

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