Wonder Woman Fan Film First Impressions Shows Hollywood How it’s Done

Hollywood you want get an idea of how to do a modern Wonder Woman film right? Sit down, watch this fan film by Leo Kei Angeleos and take notes.

Ok so there was too much acting on display due to the length but damn if the action wasn’t top notch and the WW references were subtly done as I just thought she was some kind of secret agent or something to begin with. I would definately be up for seeing a longer film from the cast and crew.

Have a watch and see what you think. Wow did think she would have stepped in a little sooner to help her date (man did that guy get a kicking).

Reporter: Nuge

Source: youtube

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  1. I have worked with Leo a few times and the guy is amazing. I am also a big Wonder Woman fan and loved what he did.


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