WORLD OF PAYCRAFT – Blizzard Considering Microtransactions

World of WarcraftBlizzard Entertainment’s genre defining (and some would say genre destroying) MMORPG remains one of the few games of this kind to charge a monthly subscription to users. Additionally, gamers can spend more real world funds to buy special pets in the game.

It’s come to light recently that a further in-game store has been added to the test server and that the company are considering charging their customers further. Read on for more of my thoughts…

Normally, I’m all for micro-payments in these games – they mean a gamer can choose whether they want to invest. I’ve done so in Age of ConanStar Trek Online and Guild Wars 2 and have used my cartel coins earned from being a paid subscriber in The Old Republic.

Each of the games I list above are either free to play, have a one off payment or offer the choice to subscribe and get the features in-game in other ways. Unless the company goes the same route, then I’m afraid this is nothing more than Blizzard being particularly greedy. On top of offering pay-for expansions, Warcraft charges up to $13 a month.

Maybe the company is moving towards dropping subscriptions? We shall see.

Source: CVG
Reporter: WedgeDoc

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  1. Mark /

    they know wow is on the way out numbers have been downward for a year
    they know eldar scrolls is coming
    they know 40K is coming

    this is squeeze the money and speed up work on WOW 2

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