X-Men First Class and it’s Director in Trouble?

Matthew Vaughn might be in a little bit of trouble over the comments he made to Slash Film about the team shot that leaked the other day. The studio is not happy about his comments and he has been told off for it. This is according to unnamed sources so this could be nothing but a load of Hollywood stirring.

According to Latino Review:

Apparently, Matthew Vaughn got put on blast this morning for straight up misleading Slashfilm about that so called leaked FOX picture. Check that out HERE on Superhero Hype.


Funny stuff.

But check this out…

You know what I’m hearing?

The movie is still shooting in LA while Vaughn is somewhere else editing.

They’re shooting at the Culver City Studios for the next couple of weeks. The official story is that they’re just shooting pick ups but the reality is…

…that hot mess of a film has not been coming together. Vaughn and company ran from location to location but never got the right stuff, or stuff that worked.

That’s what’s happening right now – while he’s cutting the film somebody else is shooting literally six weeks – almost a whole film – worth of stuff.

If Vaughn is editing the movie whilst it is still getting shot then that could mean trouble, especially if they are shooting six weeks’ worth of stuff! Like he said, that’s a whole film.

Again I stress this is all from unnamed sources! When a reporter uses the phrase “you know what I’m hearing?” you should probably think twice before you take it as gospel. Normally the truth is found somewhere in the middle.

I have been a bit negative about this film but I do hope that this film proves me wrong. However every time there is a story about X-men First Class it doesn’t help my opinion. It looks like this film is going to be a film that splits the geek world right down the middle

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Source: Latino Review

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