X-Men: First Class Trailer

Finally! The first trailer for X-men first Class is here!

And I’ve got to say I like it. But to be honest, I’ve liked the look of this movie since the start… Call me what you will, but I love every movie that Matthew Vaughn has his name on and I liked the teaser images we’ve seen before. And it looks very Vaughn-y.

Anyways… What do you guys think? Does this trailer make you more or less excited for this Movie?

GS Reporter: Tom

Source: X-Men: First Class Facebook Page

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  1. Christophe Montoya /

    I have to agree that I am really looking forward to this film and the trailer just confirms this. I love that it is set around the time of the Cuban Missile crisis.

    • SokMunki /

      Yep, this one has me very optimistic about the film. The missile crisis backdrop is fantastic for establishing an alternate history, with the mutants trying to help (“Who ordered the hovering submarine?”) while simultaneously becoming another Red Scare target.

      The trailer ratchets the Squee factor up a notch, definitely.

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