Xbox 720 to Block Secondhand Games?

The internet rumor mill is in overdrive about the hotly anticipated next gen Xbox. Most of the rumors are stated that the new console will be 8 times as powerful as the Xbox360, will feature a Bluray drive for movies and will ship with a new version of Kinect. These are all pretty much sure bets for the next generation of Xbox.

However there are some very disturbing rumors doing the rounds that if true could spell disaster for the secondhand game market and will cause the fanbase to go into a overdrive. 

The rumor in question is that the new Xbox will not allow gamers to use secondhand games, just how this will work however are still a mystery. One possibility is that all games will come with a code that must be entered the first time you play the game. This code would link the game to your machine or your gamertag forever, meaning that if you sold the game the new owner would not be able to play the game unless they somehow obtained a new code. Hopefully if this is true the code will link to the gamertag. if the game was linked to the xbox and the console got damaged then you would lose the ability to play your games.

Obviously if this rumor is true it could spell the end for some video game stores that rely on the secondhand market to keep them in the black. Hopefully this is just a rumor as i can’t imagine the internet reaction when this news hits the web for real.

Source: G4TV

GS Reporter: Matt

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