Xbox One Titanfall Bundle Available for £349 at Asda and Amazon

UK supermarket Asda has slashed the price of the Xbox One Titanfall bundle to just £349, the biggest price cut to date and crucially bringing it in line with PS4’s UK retail price. The new price is a full £50 less than the recently announced current official £399 RRP, which itself is £30 than the consoles launch RRP of £429 back in November last year.

The move was the quickly followed by Amazon who also cut the price of its Xbox One Titanfall bundle to £349. At this price including a Kinect unit and a game, the console is now a much more cost effective and attractive buy than the standard PS4.

What is hard to tell is if these price cuts are a sign of poor Xbox One sales in the UK or offers to further boost strong Xbox One sales. Microsoft are still to confirm the sales of the Xbox One globally or in the UK since confirming 3.2 million units were sold up to the end of last year while Sony confirmed sales of over 6 million units of the PS4 in early March. 

Also the special edition  Titanfall bundle was initially said to be a limited bundle by Microsoft so these latest price cuts may be to sell the final stocks of both ASDA and Amazon have available. The standard version of the console is retailing at £379.99 on with a version that comes with Forza costing £399.99.

Are you tempted to order the Xbox One at this price? With stocks bound to go quickly I’ve got some contemplating to do this weekend. Well it is my birthday next week so may be its time to buy myself a birthday present.


Source: MCV

Reporter: Soulfinger

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