Xbox Rewards Relaunches and There’s 67p up for Grabs

xbox-logo-3If you play a new game, that’s less than 30 days old  for 10 hours and it’s not an indie, arcade or on-demand game, then Xbox Rewards will give you 1000 credits (67p).  Here are the facts to the new reward system.

Xbox Rewards relaunched this week to follow from changing their currency from points to cash.  Now the rewards system is credits which can be converted to in-console cash at either 1000 or 5000 intervals.  According to the Microsoft Xbox Live Rewards FAQs 5000 credits are worth £3.35 making 1000 credits about 67p.

You can also earn credits with up to 300 credits (20p) per £6.70 spent, however to get that amount you need 75000 achievement points.

There are however a variety of other ways to gain credits, such as buying a load of map packs or renting a bunch of films. However I still haven’t worked out if this is a better deal.

I guess even though I guess the actual payout is tiny, it’s better than a kick in the teeth.

Source: Eurogamer
Reporter: Amy

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