Yay More Stargate! (yes there was a tinge of irony there)

So before the dust has settled on the divorce papers between the Sci-fi channel and Stargate Atlantis they’re already climbing into bed with yet another spin off show. The filthy sluts!!!

Stargate Universe Coming

Am I the only one getting tired of Stargate now? Sure I loved O’Neal *cough* always be Macgver to me *cough* and the gang when it started and I could even get behind the whole ‘Stargate meets Farscape’ thing (I was hoping Rigel was going to end up the head of SGC). I never really warmed to Atlantis and man did I try but it always felt like the poor cousin (you know the one no one talks about who never gets invited to christmas dinner… we’ll call him Claude for the purpose of this article) to SG1.

Now just when we need it least we get Stargate Universe which to me sounds like a cheap rip off of Voyager to me. With my usual cynicism out of the way I’m rooting that this is actually going to be good as I really miss thet whole travelling to other planets and having adventures (hopefully some good old space dog fights will be thrown in there) vibe. Personally I think you can give me all of that without it being a spin off show.

I like the idea that our heroes can only be in one place for a limited time before the ship moves on with or without them. My worry is we’re just going to get the same sorts of stories that Star Trek was knocking out years before but with better effects.

The weird thing is the creators are saying there might be guest spots from characters from the other Stargate shows. That is going to be some feat  considering our new heroes are supposed to be trapped at the end of the galaxy.

Still nothing that a few Parallel universe (time to grow that evil beard again), time travel and flashback two part episodes can’t solve.

Ok I’m sounding far more bitter about this than I wanted to. Fingers crossed this is better than I think it will be.

Reporter: The Nuge

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