‘You are the Hero’ – Fighting Fantasy Kickstarter Hits the Halfway Mark

youaretheheroCongrats to author Jonathan Green whose Kickstarter project ‘You are the Hero’ has hit the halfway mark.

Not only will YOU ARE THE HERO tell the amazing story of how Fighting Fantasy gamebooks changed the world, it will also cover everything from spin-off novels and puzzle books, to foreign editions, board games and video games. It will even delve into such areas as the gamebooks that never were, the myths and legends surrounding the series, and how Ian Livingstone’s newest gamebook – Blood of the Zombies – almost never happened. -Jonathan Green

Anyone who has listened to episode 196 of Geek Syndicate will have heard myself and Dave chatting about Jonathan’s Kickstarter project to produce ‘You are the Hero’  a book celebrating  the Fighting Fantasy phenomenon created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingston. Jonathan himself is no stranger to the series having written seven Fighting Fantasy books.

As a kid I was a big fan of these books and still am. For me the Fighting Fantasy series came at a time when I was struggling picking up books to read and they really got me into reading in a big way. It was one of my biggest gateways into the world of fantasy.  I also found it difficult back then ‘getting into character’ when playing D & D with my mates so it was a great way to experience similar adventures on my own terms.

I was happy to learn today that the project has hit a major landmark by earning over £8000 which takes it over the halfway mark of their  £15000 target. The project still has a way to go and they still need to raise the rest of the money in the 18 days that remain.

To see some of the great incentives (including lunch with Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone and Jonathan Green) they have to offer head over to the project’s kickstarter page. There pledge levels  to suit all financial tastes from £1, £10 and £25 through to £500 I definitely think this is a project worth supporting and we here at GS wish Jonathan the best of luck in hitting his target.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: You are the Hero

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