Young Sherlock Holmes remake coming

Anyone remembers the Steven Spielberg produced movie Young Sherlock Holmes, well someone at Paramount did and they want to remake it for a new audience.

I watched the film at the time and thought it was OK but these days there seems to be a resurgence of Holmes across movies, TV and of course books. However for this remake I think Paramount should look no further than the excellent series of books by Andrew Lane. I have had the pleasure of reading them and think they would make a great series of films or mini series.

To check them out go HERE.

The good news is that Chris Columbus is in line to bring the new film to the screen. Columbus is an accomplished director of books to screen from Harry Potter to Percy Jackson so I have faith that he can do a decent job on this.

Paramount has tapped director Chris Columbus and his 1492 Pictures to come in and steer a planned remake of the 1985 film YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES.

As for the planned remake, Paramount is hoping to kickstart its own Sherlock Holmes franchise with a younger, fresher spin on the iconic character to directly combat the Warner Brothers take starring Robert Downey Jr. & Jude Law. The original “Young Sherlock Holmes”, executive produced by Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, and directed by none other than Barry Levinson, centered on a pair or young teens in Holmes and Watson, both meeting at boarding school, and quickly getting into mischief as they stumble upon and begin to investigate a suspicious series of murders.

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