Your Playstation 3 owns its own home

I’m a PS3 owner, so I have kept the arrival of Playstation’s Home feature in the back of my mind. As time went on, it kept going further and further and further back in my mind. I think it’s behind all my vivid memories of pornography. Well I guess the Playstation Home is in beta, and we will see this new update sooner than later. Is it worth the wait? Don’t look at me! I didn’t get invited into the beta.

GS Reporter: Vichus Smith
Source: IGN

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  1. Royal, Virtual Vagabond /

    Home seems to constricting.

    I’m Beta at Metaplace and Smallworlds.

    I used to travel Second Life, but the new changes make it too constrictive now. I’d need to update hardware to run more smoothly.

  2. Amaechi /

    Home is second Duke Nukem Forever for being a major hype but nowhere to been seen gaming legend. I’m totally not bothered about it and when and if it arrives yeah I’ll check it out but I just don’t see it being the revolution Sony have been pinning their hopes on. I fire up my PS3 to play games, watch blu-ray films or stream films/TV shows from my PC. i don’t want a social Facebook on steriods networking site. I want to play online with friends not decorate a flat, chose what outfit to wear today and walk round virtual shopping malls making friends.

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