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YouTube have decided to celebrate all things geek on the site this week (4th -10th August) by highlighting more of their geeky channels.

They’ve managed to get Red Dwarf’s Kryton (Robert Llewellyn) to host the week. Everyday will be dedicated to a different genre – from Blockbusters, Superheroes to Brainiacs

Sundays Theme is Blockbusters – Check out the promotional video below:


The full running order for the week is:

Monday – Global Geekery

Tuesday – Brainiac

Wednesday – Super

Thursday – Gaming

Friday – Fan

Saturday – Best of

There are some great looking videos to watch within that and you’ve always gotta love Brian Blessed. Some of the biggest YouTube channels are getting involved, from Yogscast, Head Squeeze, DanIsNotOnFire, Alex Day, Fast Furious & Funny, AmazingPhil and Tomska to name just a few.

The Yogscast guys are releasing a series of suitably silly videos titled: Adventurers Assemble – check out the first one here:


And then there is this offering from Marvel Entertainment – Marvel Super Hereoes: What The–?! Geek Week

Now what are you waiting for – go hunt down some more great videos and let us know what you find in the comments…

Check out YouTube’s Spotlight channel here

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