This is ZARJAZ ! An Art Tribute to 40 years of 2000AD

There are times when I hate the fact I live in Australia, literally half a world away from the places where all the coolest things happening in comics occur. My chances of going into Art Baltazar and Franco’s comic shop in Chicago, for example, or wandering into the Dark Horse offices in Portland are pretty slim. Even worse, being in Australia means I have totally missed out on celebrating the 40th Anniversary of my all-time favourite sci-fi comic 2000AD.

Now comes the news that Vice Press has teamed up with the ghafflebette 2000AD and the always interesting Thought Bubble Festival to open a gallery exhibition in Leeds called Zarjaz ! An Art Tribute to 40 Years of 2000AD and my fervent wish for a personal teleportation device has reached peak levels ! Those lucky enough to live within walking, driving, flying or swimming distance of Leeds will be treated to a wide range of art by Earth’s Mightiest artists and designers featuring characters and titles from the rich history of 2000AD – 40 of which are new releases created just for the exhibition !

The exhibition (which is free to attend !) consists of a staggering display of original tribute art and limited edition prints from both art droids who have worked on 2000AD and big-name creators delivering their own takes on classic characters from the universe’s greatest comic ! Oh, and big-name means BIG-NAME, with new and exclusive work from Carlos Ezquerra (I was lucky enough to grab one of his previous  Vice Press Judge Dredd prints , and it is stunning), Mick McMahon, Charlie Adlard, Chris Weston, Jock, Jason Edmiston, Michael Cho, Nick Derington, BRETT EWINS !!!!! (sorry, he is my favourite British artist behind the legendary Dave Gibbons), Jake Lynch, Tom Foster and Tula Lotay (whose work is just beautiful – check out the Warren Ellis-penned Supreme: Blue Rose for the best example !)

If that wasn’t brilliant enough, all of the original art can be purchased at the exhibition ! There are also prints available, including several exclusive pieces which will be released on Friday 22nd September at the Thought Bubble event.  Now, I must warn you NOT to purchase any of these prints, as they will be going up for sale at after the event has ended. So, if you don’t want an angry Aussie turning up on your doorstep hassling you to sell the great Tula Lotay and Brett Ewins prints you purchased then leave those alone ! You have been warned !!

Zarjaz ! An Art Tribute to 40 Years of 2000AD started on 1st September and will run through until the end of the month. There will be a special event on the evening of Friday 22nd September from 7pm to celebrate the opening of the Thought Bubble convention. The venue for this incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity (to NOT buy some prints…..) is the Gallery at 164 Munro House Leeds.

For more information and up-to-the-nanosecond news check out the Official Facebook Event Page.

Source: Vice Press

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