Zombie Outbreak: The Survivors Paintball game Is Coming This August

Grab your shot gun! There’s some zombie killing to be done up in Stafford this August.

Check out all the details below!

Outbreak: The Survivors Paintball game. 

Ok Zombie Lovers…………..This is a paintball event like no other……………… Will you make it to the end of the game to become a Survivor or will you become zombie fodder?

Zombie Outbreak: The Survivors Paintball at Project Paintball Stafford. Just off junction 13 of the M6 near Stafford, England.

1st Event is Saturday 18th August 2012

Arrival time is between 9.00 and 9.30am prompt

This is a ” Full On, Live Action Role Play Event ” from the moment you arrive until the end of your session. For this reason the event is strictly 16 years old and over!

On arrival to the Project Paintball refuge DO-NOT ! We REPEAT DO-NOT ! get out of your cars until the Survivors Security Team come over to you and instruct you out of your vehicles. You will be taken to “The Base Camp Safe Zone” where you will be screened and checked over to make sure your not carrying the virus.

You will be shouted at !
You will be told what to do ! And when to do it !
No giggles here !
YOU WILL do as your told !

If you do not listen or you do not follow the rules you will be chained up and hand cuffed for your own safety and the safety of your fellow survivors. We may even feed you to the Zombies to help slow them down while we escape!

Once we have determined you aren’t likely to become a flesh hungry member of the walking dead you will then be signed in, given your equipment and safety briefed.

We will have two teams fighting each other while also trying to avoid becoming zombie food. One team will consist of Survivors. A rag tag bunch of folks who have survived the Outbreak infection and have found refuge within our compound. The other team will be members of the British Government SWAT team set up to take out the survivors who may just be carrying the virus and mop up any zombies left in the area.

Once separated into teams you will be ready to enter the un-secured Zones to try and stop the spread of the Zombie Outbreak.

We need 40 Survivors and 20 Swat Team members.

Places are limited to 60 so book in early to avoid disappointment.

Prices are as follows:

£60 per person inc:
All equipment
Light lunch
500 paintballs and 1 smoke grenade.

£79.99pp Inc: all the above and 1000 paintballs and 1 smoke grenade.

£99.00pp Inc: All the above and 2000 paintballs and 1 smoke grenade

Extra paintballs can be purchased on the day.

We are offering a £5 reduction on either package if you book on or before July 31st 2012

Call Richard on 07970 031383 to book your place (s). Now

Remember it’s first come, first served. Limited places.

Don’t delay, book today !

Want to be a Zombie ?? Call Richard for more details.

GS Reporter: Nuge

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