Broken Sea Audio Productions’ Feedback: A Hero’s Calling – Never in a Thousand Years – Episode 1

We welcome our first audio drama series to the Geek Syndicate Network in conjunction with Broken Sea Audio Productions’ we give you Feedback: A Hero’s Calling’

Direct Download: Never in a Thousand Years – Episode 1

Listen Online:

Listen online:


Episode #1

“Never In A Thousand Years”

by Alan White and Matthew Atherton

Based upon the character concept created by

Matthew Atherton and Sarah Blevins

Traveling a wooded road … a married couple make their way through an overcast night. But this is no ordinary road … This is no ordinary married couple… And this is no ordinary night.


MATT-Matthew Atherton

SARAH-Sarah Blevins

FIEND-Richard Brooks II

OLD MAN-Eric Busby

Originally produced by Eric Busby/DarkerProjects

Welcome to the beginning journeys of Feedback, The Next Great Superhero.

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