Children of the Atom – Episode 1

Welcome to episode 1 of the Children of the Atom podcast.

In this episode we review X-Men #2 (November 1963) featuring the Vanisher! We also finally get to discuss the entire Avengers vs X-Men mega-event which finished on October 3rd. Listeners who haven’t finished reading the series or who are waiting for the trade should avoid this second part of the show because spoilers abound!
Finally, we talk about which back issues we were able to pick up this month in our unplanned spending spree at Orbital Comics. Our poor bank account took a savage beating when we discovered a gold mine in X-Men back issues just begging to be added to our fledgling collection.

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  1. Ed Moore (miscatonic) /

    You asked on twitter if the Marvel Universe is diverse enough. My question is…if we are living in a make believe world why to we have to worry about it accurately representing the real world. Seems kind of counterintuitive to me. I suppose I can understand the desire to ‘see someone like me’ in my escape media but then again I escape because the real world is not that attractive at the moment and I enjoy the alternative world more. For discussion purpose I should say I am a WASP male.

    • When you’re talking Marvel, it is the most “realistic” of the Big Two. They are the down to earth superheroes, the heroes with problems, the heroes who have jobs and lives like us. Especially when you’re talking X-men, which is about the “oppressed other” you can’t talk about people who are hated and feared, yet have everyone look the same otherwise.

      Not even getting into complex issues, quite a few superheroes are from/reside in New York. NY is a very diverse place, so if you want to ignore diversity, then don’t put your story in a real state.

  2. It’s funny how much the First Class movie took from original X-men. Seems to me that The Vanisher would’ve been in the movie, but they replaced him with Nightcrawler’s dad.

  3. Children of the Atom /

    Hey guys,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our Twitter question and apologies for the delay in replying! The diversity question is a tricky one indeed and something which everyone probably has their own personal take on. I originally asked the question because I read a blog post online that took a very hard line about the X-Men’s lack of diversity and it got me to thinking about the issue. I think this is definitely an area where comics are still developing but I really wanted to know how other readers felt about it. So thanks again for your thoughts!

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