GSN PODCAST: Children of the Atom – Episode 5

Welcome to episode 5 of the Children of the Atom podcast.

In this episode we talk about issues 8 (November 1964) and 9 (January 1965) in which the X-Men meet Unus the Untouchable and go toe-to-toe with the Avengers. Meanwhile, Professor X is off on a mission of personal revenge against Lucifer (WTF?), Beast loses his temper with humanity, and Iceman finally drops the snowman look for something a bit more slick. We whinge about greedy sods who buy up all the variant covers at the comic shop on release day and chat about the latest news from the various X-Men films currently in production.

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  1. It is poor writing for people who could easily sit down and talk it out to just fight, but I feel like hundreds of plots across fiction rest on this. Otherwise, how will we have any conflict? I think maybe half of the events since Civil War have depended on lack of communication, or unwillingness to listen to reason.

    I kinda want Xavier to have his paralysis tied to some dude named Lucifer. I know it was weird, but I prefer it to whatever they retconned it as. I think they had Magneto be the one who paralyzed him, or he lost the use of his legs in the war?

  2. Bernice /


    Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, I’m only now beginning to see what a manwhore Wolverine is. I had no idea! I mean, I know he had a thing for Jean Grey and he and Domino get it on but I had no idea that there was anything between him and Storm – scandalous!

    I guess you’re right about needing conflict in fiction. I mean, it wouldn’t be very interesting if everyone was just really level-headed and rational and talked things through to a mutually acceptable solution. We want to see people getting punched in the face damn it! 😀

    The whole Lucifer thing struck me as very random and quite ridiculous but then that’s what these early comics were all about. You gotta roll with it I suppose.

    Bernice 🙂

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