Comic Racks Episode 26 – The Barrysode

In this mildly belated and yet still very special episode, the Ladies of Racksville are joined by none other than author, podcaster and all-round fun guy; Barry Nugent!


Barry, author of the rather spiffy Fallen Heroes novel and one half of our big brother podcast Geek Syndicate, takes a rather impressive grilling from the Rack Chicks, as well as ranting about Smallville (no surprises there) and deciding upon his favourite swear word. On top of this, discover how Barry got into writing, the secret origin of Geek Syndicate, and what kind of biscuit he most enjoys.

Due to the super-long (and awesome) interview with Mr Nugent, the Peeve and Rack Music segments had to be cut from this episode. However, never fear! You will find the Ladies and their guests’ Rack Music choices sprinkled liberally throughout the episode. Can you guess who picked what?…

All this, plus Stacey spoiling Heroes for everyone and getting so excited during a news bit she goes super sonic, Iz getting even more fangirlish about Gail Simone and offending the special guest by pointing out the loss of his soundtrack collection, and Barry in a frilly nightie!

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