Comic Racks Episode 40 – The Dinky-sode


Welcome to another exciting episode of Comic Racks, bringing all things geek from the girls’ perspective.

This fortnight the Ladies finally succeed at recording a shorter episode, jam-packing it with gallons of pure awesome.

With no main topic springing to mind, it’s Reviewsville this fotnight, as the Racks cover such gems as Scud: The Disposable Assassin, Crossed, Science of Sleep, Neccessary Evil, the Marvel Divas preview…and more! Iz scares Stace with the idea of creepy clowns in Psychoville, Stace upsets Iz with this weeks Tail, and the girls share a mutual love for Secret Six.

On top of all this joy comes two awesomely-wicked songs in Rack Music, some of the lamest Peeves ever (but damn, they’re annoying!) and, apologies to Jimmy Bott; some Barrowman news! Huzzah!

Enjoy, chaps!

Click the link, you know you want to!

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