Comic Racks – Episode 42

The Stand-In-Stacey-sode.

After a week’s delay, and with young Stacey now trekking around the UK in search of top entertainment, Iz finds a deputy-Stacey in the shape of SFX blogger and co-host of ‘Small Press Big Mouth’ podcast, Stacey Whittle.

It might be a different co-host but it’s the usual amount of tangents, comic-book ramblings, and the odd bit of appreciation for pretty boys.

In the already out-of-date News, we cover last minute Sherlock Holmes casting, a new Steve Niles film adaptation, and a very spiffy competition to be a zombie in upcoming Insomnia graphic novel Damaged Goods.

Iz and deputy-Stace have an incredibly geeky chat about what they love and don’t love in comics, films and tv – with tangents and rants about Superman the Movie, drunken encounters with Simon Pegg, and Keira Knightley.

Normal service will be resumed soon with the usual suspects.

Direct download: Comic Racks – Episode 42

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