Comic Racks – Episode 47 We’re Back


The Racks are BACK! Yes, that’s right, after a mini hiatus caused by cold germs and piggy sniffles, the Ladies of Rackington are back on their podcasting horses, bringing you the finest lady-nerd ramblings you could ask for! Or something…

Join the girls as they discuss new trailers that have hit the interwebs recently, whether Rachel McAdams is foxy enough to be Black Cat, and… bosoms.

Stace gets her “Issue 1” hat on during the reviews section, touching on titles such as Arkham Reborn #1, World’s Finest #1, Dead Eyes Open #1 and more besides, whilst Iz reviews the TV shows she absorbed during her brush with the oink flu, such as FlashForward, Spaced and Primeval.

All this excellence, plus two jolly spiffing music choices and rambles galore.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the return of the Racks!

Direct download: ep47.mp3

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