Dissecting Worlds 4-3 Fantasy & Fairy Tales, Paternity & Princesses

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Joined by Clover from our sibling cast “Scrolls”, the dithering duo turn their gaze on the gender, sex and relationships in that double-headed genre hydra that is Fantasy and Fairy Tales. Along the dark paths far from those we know, we encounter:

  • Disney Princesses
  • Kehaars’s younger, death-metal listening self
  • Are Soap Operas todays fairy tales?
  • Strong Characters vs Strong Characterisation
  • Game of Thrones, The Silmarrilion and Tolkien’s Ladies, and women in Fantasy Cover Art
  • Same-sex relationships in fantasy and history.
  • Jarvis Cocker’s attitude to pornography
  • And because it’s been a  while….Roman attitudes to sex.

Wikipedia’s article on the Monomyth is far more erudite than Matt and can be found here; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monomyth
More of Clover can be heard on Scrolls, here http://geeksyndicate.co.uk/category/gs-podcast-network/scrolls/

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Kehaar’s game related musings can be found here http://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/ and his current RPG campaign here http://alfiesantics.wordpress.com/
Matt’s literary reviews are on the Geek Syndicate site (http://www.geeksyndicate.co.uk/) under the Tolkien Gestures column.

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