Dissecting Worlds: Coat of Arms Competition winning design


Dissecting Worlds has long been very happy with it’s wonderful logo design by Lovely Lee Grice.

But we are pleased to reveal the finished design  of  the offical Dissecting Worlds Coat of Arms (ta da ta da da dah!)

 The final design was commissioned from David Wynne based on two winning compeition entries:

One from Gareth Webb:

And also from Dion Winton-Polak familiar to listeners of Scrolls:


The motto ‘Per Arguementum da Astra’ is latin and was provided by Motto Competition winner Ken Doyle.

The symbolisim is as follows :

The supporters are a Seagul (Kehaar also known as @clarkythecruel on twitter) and a Lizardman (or Klegg for  @the Grampus or Matt.) Naturally the Seagull is on the West representing the  sun-blessed lands of the Mersey Riveria while the Grampus is to the East representing frozen wet wastes of Yorkshire.

The Roman helmet and microphone sums up the podcast format and we had to get the Romans in there because we don’t mention them enough.

Top left we have a scalpel for dissecting as well as funny shaped dice for sad ‘fellow’  roleplayers /wargamers (like your hosts.) Bottom left we have the World and some Geek icons. Finally on the right we have symbols of the 3 main genres – sci-fi (a rocket), horror (a tentacle) and a sword (for fantasy.)

A tremendous thanks to all entrants and to Dave for realising the combination of  the two so well.

You can listen to Dissecting Worlds the podcast on the social science in science-fiction on the Geeksyndicate itunes feed or download direct from www.geeksyndicate.co.uk .

David Wynne is avilable for very cost effective commissions here http://particlefiction.bigcartel.com/commissions and you can enjoy his excellent webcomic gratis here http://particlefiction.posterous.com/

Right come on then who wants a Dissecting World tea towel?  








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