Dissecting Worlds: Live Special!

Direct Download: Dissecting Worlds: Live Special!

This month Matt and Kehaar head off into Deep Space, to chart the destiny of our very own world. Yes, it’s the Dissecting Worlds Live Episode, where we run through our first live event, how it went, and what we made of it. This includes:

  • A run down of the factions we had, and what it meant for the starting world

  • All the crisis, and how they played out

  • A look at the world we created, and what sort of stories you’d tell there.

  • Some thoughts on systems, group dynamics and running another one.

  • The Factions Speak! soundbites from all the leaders!

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who contributed ideas big and small, those who attended on the day and anyone who just happened to be in the neighbourhood when we needed someone to talk to about it!

Our discussion on Series 10 can be found here, and we welcome your opinions! . https://dissectingworlds.wordpress.com/2015/03/18/series-10-haveyoursay/

Feedback as ever is welcome too @DissectingWrld on twitter, [email protected], the Facebook Group or below!


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