Dissecting Worlds Series 10, Ep 6: Animal Men

Direct Download:Dissecting Worlds Series 10, Ep 6: Animal Men

This time our hulking lizardman and tiny seagull look at animals in science fiction. So that is uplifted earth creatures and coincidentally similar aliens with special attention on:


  • Planet of the Apes in its sundry incarnations
  • David Brin’s Uplift Saga magnus opus
  • Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Children of Time
  • Cat girls and anthropomorphic Space Aliens
  • With nods to other pulp and hard SF takes on the tropes.
  • And we utterly fail to cover Elephant Men despite wanting to
  • Matt’s bookshelf features Rome which will be a surprise.

Pray dear listeners it’s our conclusions episode next so let’s have your feedback and ideas – emails and mp3s to [email protected] or find us on FACEBOOK or @dissectingwrlds on Twitter.

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