Dissecting Worlds Series 11, Ep 2: Roddenberry vs Anderson

Direct download: Dissecting Worlds Series 11, Episode 3: Anderson vs Roddenbery

Stand By For Action! Fighting off the forces of technical disaster we are back to continue with our series on Legenday Creators, this time a transatlantic matchup from the 1960s – Gene Roddenberry and Gerry Anderson. We range over their careers and creations, alighting upon:

•    Technical vs Social visions of the future
•    Progressive casting battle in earlier periods vs the perils of pulp villiany
•    Anderson in Supermarionation vs Anderson in Live Action
•    Roddenberry vs his own Legacy in the Star Trek Franchise
•    Roddenberrys Thunderbirds and Andersons Star Trek

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One comment

  1. luke ploughman /

    Very informative.

    I enjoy Anderson work on space:1999 the in particular the miniatures that sometime seam more convincing than modern CGI.

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