Dissecting Worlds Series 11, Ep 6: Larson vs Nation

Its Killer Space Robots (technically cyborgs) and Fascist Analogies as two 70s genre stalwarts go head to head. From the UK we have Terry Nation, of Daleks, Blakes 7 and the Survivors, and from across the Atlantic we have Glen A Larson, bringing Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Knight Rider and more! Joined by Alasdair Stuart (@alasdairstuart) we discuss:

Creative Conflicts with Nations work on the Survivors
Blakes 7 and it’s apparent lack of Legacy
The Heirs to Larson’s “episode of the week” format
Terry Nation’s Knight Rider and Glen A Larson’s The Survivors
And more!

Direct Download: Dissecting Worlds Series 11, Ep 6: Larson vs Nation

Alasdair can be heard on Escape Pod , Pseudopod and Podcastle.

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Apologies for the moment about half-way through when Kehaar is attacked by cracker-seeking Ninjas.

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