Dissecting Worlds Series 2- Episode 5 Harry Potter & the Arguing Northerners

In this spoiler filled outing the Lizard of Leeds & Wirral Seagull get to grips with jolly quidditch sticks, civil war, murder and death. Yes it’s the Werner Hertzog banter that is the Potterverse a world of magic, mystery, genocide and govenrment incompetence.

Natural fodder for the bantering Muggle bi-polarness that is Dissecting Worlds.

We’re looking at Law and Order with particular attention on the Ministry of Magic, Dumbeldore’s Army, Order of the Pheonix & You-know-who. This leads us into a merry dance down the First World War, Nazis, the Ulster Defence Association, 2nd Amendment of the US Consitution, the deference between vigilantes & miltia amongst much else.

And a hufftastic Quidditch argument. What’s not to love? Sit down with your Butterbeer & Chocolate Frogs (or beverage & snacks of choice) and enjoy.

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