Dissecting Worlds: Series 2 Episode 6 – Mass Effect

Dissecting Worlds turns it’s attention to the world of Computer Games and in particular Mass Effect (thanks Wedgedoc for the suggestion.)

On the way they discuss the many influences and parallels on Spectres namely James Bond, Wild West Marshals, the operative from Serenity, the Jedi amongst others with nods to Dredd, The Wire, X-files and Mancuso FBI.

See the blood boil and the rapiers get drawn at in a sidetrack into Roger Moores period as 007!

Wonder at the parallels to the Citadel Council of the UN Secuirty Council pernament members & the Congress System.

Gape at the consideration of Computer Games as fiction anyway and how their world building differs from books, flms, comics and between gaming genres.

Feedback on the forums for perference but failing that email [email protected] or twitter @clarkythecruel (kehaar) or matt @the Grampus.

Oh the book mentioned is Keeper of Corn, Binder of Bone found here

Direct Download: Dissecting Worlds: Series 2 Episode 6

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  1. JH /

    Another insightful episode…thanks, gents.

    Re: two throwaway comments later in the podcast…it’d be neat if you turned your keen focus towards the worlds of pen-and-paper roleplaying, and George R.R. Martin’s Westeros (Grampus, you mentioned you’ve started book one of the “Song of Ice & Fire” series).

    The former might be a big hard to work into your discussion format, but the latter is rich, detailed, and eminently discussable.


  2. Thanks JH – appreciate the feedback – I can confirm grampus has finished the first book and is hungry to ‘do it’ so we’re lining that up. Various RPG worlds will get eps but concious we don’t want to get too obscure so have to make sure get the right mix of the well known and more esoteric topics for various eps. Apoologies for the delays getting back to been out of the country.

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