Dissecting Worlds Series 3 Episode 6 Lord of The Rings, War of The Ring and Fantasy Battle

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This week the bi-polar pair of good and EVIL tackle a big beast in the form of Middle Earth and it’s greatest war.

In the course of their discussions they’ll discuss the Fellowship as a commando strike force, logistics, Romans, how many Orcs is a lot and where are the Rangers hiding in history.

This leads to rants on Longbow fetishish, pondering Saruman as a power gaming wargamer, what do the Harad get out of all this and of course Romans.

On the way they discuss The First Law Trilogy and Legend as alternative views of fantasy warfare and a bit of Swords and Scorcery too.

Of and there is also a discussion of kinds of Magic.

Please talk about it on the forums, talk to us about it on twitter (@DissectingWrlds, @Clarkythecruel for Kehaar and @theGrampus for Matt or email [email protected]

We also welcome suggestions for new series and epsiode topics are next series being on gender and sexuality.

If anyone knows any Tolkien or fantasy fan groups please let them know about the epsiode. That’d be lovely.

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