Dissecting Worlds Series 3 Episode 7: Military Conclusions

The terrible twosome wrap up their miltiary series with a general chin wag about what’ve learned over the last 6 weeks.
Not a lot, but in the course of this they consider does SF ever really tell miltiary stories? Where there is space to tell such stories?. How do Computer games fit in to genre military fiction?. Is there a miltiary fiction genre of it’s own? Why is Outcasts so poo?
They also consider  modern British casualty sensitivity and consider the allogorical power of science fiction and how it’s sometimes wasted in miltary SF. Matt is unkind to Footfall while discussing asymetrical warfare and Kehaar is as always the steady voice of wise counsel (not.)
Needless to say they bounce around such  historical matters as comedy Nazis, Northern Ireland and the British Indian Army.
Details of ‘Conspiracy’ here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0266425/
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One comment

  1. Orlok /

    Nice conclusions, gentlemen.

    One small note. After watching Downfall and Conspiracy go straight into Call Of Duty: World At War. I find that helps…

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