Dissecting Worlds Series 4- Episode 2 Zardoz, Post-Holocaust Sex & Gender Dystopias

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Joined by the insightful Brenda from the Geektress podcast to take the middle class married men shine of a discussion of gender and sex the Nort nasties of Matt and the pseudo-scouse seagull Kehaar look at sex and gender in the miserable futures presented in the apocalypse, disaster and dystopia genres.
On the way there’s learning & laughter as such important matters are considered as:
  • Sean Connery in a orange nappy in a future with only 2 bits of soft porn.
  • The role of homosexuality, the ancient greeks and Battlestar Galactica.
  • Does the ending of watchmen make any sense ?
  • Is Children of Men the perfect companion piece to Bend it like Beckham.
Dystopia prositution in the Handmaids Tale, Go-Go Girls of the apocalypse (http://www.amazon.com/Go-Go-Girls-Apocalypse-Victor-Gischler/dp/1416552251) and others.
The bonky-bonky futures of Logan’s Run and Brave New World compared with the control of 1984 or Farenheit 451.
James Cameron’s perfect woman.
Why do the survival situations of jericho and Survivors feature such traditional female roles in contrast to some versions of Day of the Triffids.
Soylent Green, I am Legend, Mad Max and Hunger Games (http://www.thehungergames.co.uk/)  also get a  look in alongside Duke Nuke’emism and the ‘Two Ronnies ‘classic’ “The Worm that Turned” (readily available on youtube.)
All this and we never discussed Y the Last Man & Paranoia (the game)  – DOH! So let us have your thoughts – contact us at[email protected] or tweet @theGrampus (Matt), @Geektress (Brenda) or @Clarkythecruel (Kehaar) and we’ll have a thread at the Geeksyndicate facebook group.

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