Dissecting Worlds Series 6 Episode 4: The American Civil War


The pair of desperadoes known as Kehaar & Matt are joined by Matt Mitrovitch custodian of the work of boundless energy & love which is the AH Weekly Update: (http://alternatehistoryweeklyupdate.blogspot.com)looking at that popular alternate history topic of the American Civil War.

Listen Online:

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/geeksyndicate/s6_ep_4_acw.mp3

Topics covered during the podcast are –

* Harry Harrison’s Star & Stripes series, the Trent affair & options for European intervention

* Harry Turtledove’s 191-timeline & the romanticisation of both sides of the ACW

* The appeal (and consequences) of Balkanised America

* Alien Space Bats & South African nazis

* Captain Confederacy!: http://captainconfederacy.blogspot.com

* Race in America and its legacy in fiction and reality

Matts writing blog is http://mitroauthor.wordpress.com/

He has a story in Jake’s Monthly-Alternate History Anthology: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/180165

Saddle up, enjoy & feedback 🙂

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