Dissecting Worlds: Series 9, Episode 1: Bond!

In this episode 00Scouse & the Greatest Living Yorkshireman [citation needed] debate James Bond – popular culture’s platonic ideal of a spy.

They fail to discuss post-Imperial Britain’s identity crisis (which will have to feature in the conclusions episode) but look at

Direct Download:Dissecting Worlds: Series 9, Episode 1: Bond!

: gender & sex in bond (including the BDSM elements)

: leading pastiches

: anti-Bonds

: race & patriotism

: best & worse of the franchise

“Film Crit Hulks” excellent series of essays on the movies starts here: http://badassdigest.com/2014/07/14/hulk-vs.-james-bond-staring-into-the-id-of-a-boner-incarnate/

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